Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inside and Out

There in the produce department you spot the shiniest, most beautiful red apple you have ever seen. It is completely without bruising and looks like the perfect snack for your morning break. You decide to buy it and you go in for the first bite of this perfect apple, knowing how sweet and delicious it will be and….uhhhhh you are forced to spit it out because on the inside the apple is just mush and rotten. How is it possible that something so beautiful could be so unpleasing on the inside? Have you ever met anyone like that…on the outside they are physically appealing but when they open their mouths, well let’s just say the truth comes out.

I have known quite a few people like that in fact, I am sure I have been that very person in past years of my life. This world is consumed with our outside appearance but God is more concerned about who we are on the inside. I have decided to write this blog not only to talk about all the wonderful things that I love and to meet others that share in my loves but also, to take a closer look for you (and me) about how we can transform who were are on the inside into wonderful men and women after God’s own heart. As Mandisa (one of my faves) sings ” I want the truth that I believe to be the definition of me”! Be brave my dear friends, do not conform to the ways of this world instead let God transform those mushy, rotten places we have on the inside into true beauty! Let’s start from today…to be beautiful inside and out!

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