Tuesday, May 31, 2011

About 30 coupons later...

No one in my family can say they need some DO for their BO...

Walgreens was the place to be this morning, Greg and I were super savers today..It was soo
much fun!! We got 36 Deodorants for only $6 and that was only tax!!

I think the cashier was amazed!! These Deos were $4.49 a piece and I got all of them for $6!!
Remember if you have a B1G1 Free coupon you can match it with a B1G1 Free sale and only pay
tax for both items...Well when you have several of the same coupon..this is what you get! :)
I bought 20 of these coupons on Ebay for $5 so I bought one and got 35 for FREE!!

Leaving excited about our shopping trip, we went on to Food Lion to pick up a few things..
I got to the cash register with a total of $115 and after my MVP card and the coupons I had..
My final bill was an even $38!! Food Lion has really been changing things and making their items
way more affordable! You can check out the new flyer that starts tomorrow at www.foodlion.com

For $38 I got 14 bottles of BBQ sauce, 10 boxes of pasta, 3 jars of pasta sauce, 1 gallon of milk, 6 corn on the cob, 2 large heinz ketchup, 2 containers of bryers ice cream, 4 cans corn, 4 cans green beans, 2 cans of peas, 1 bags of dog food and  3 cans of beefaroni!

I think we had a great day of sales!! I am very excited that I can do this for my family and being able to share with others families that need it!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I heart the mart!!

Whew..Walmart did not see me coming this morning but oh boy did I save some money today!!
I was very excited to say the least, after I realized just how low my bill had gotten..You gotta see this!
Okay first here is a picture of the stuff I purchased..

So here is how it went..

6 Wisk Laundry Soap on Sale for .98 + $2/1 = $1.02 money maker on each one!!

4 Wet Ones hand wipes .98 + $1/2 = 2 for $1

4 Care Free Pantyliners + Free coupons = Free!!

7 Pull ups baby wipes $1.67 + $1/1 = .67 each but my overage from the Wisk paid for them so they were free!!

2 Worcestshire sauce $1.36 + $1/1 = .36 each

2 Sweet baby ray's dipping sauce $1.98 +$1/1 = .98 cents each

2 packages of bandaids $1.00 + .50/1 = .50 each

Okay you will not believe the total unless you see it so here I will show you...

Yes You read it right.. My total was $36.34 and after coupons the total was $3.27!!!
Wooo Hooo a victory for this couponista!! Remember most of these coupons can out of the
News and Observer (Raleigh).. I can not stress enough how important it is to get one (or four like me) if you wanna get some of these deals!

After a great day at Walmart...I am very excited to be going to the Bridge tonight!! If you do not have plans or if you do have plans..the Bridge is the place to be!! Come as you are and prepared to be Loved!! The Bridge Church starts at 7pm and is in the same shopping center as Delmas Hardware on Berkley Blvd. I hope to see some new faces there!! 
Have a great Thursday all!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Late but worth the read!

Today maybe kinda funky for me but yesterday was definitely worth hearing about!!

Greg and I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up a few things for dinner and oh boy did we
find some amazing things while we were there!!
First thing, I found a hidden clearance section in Health/Beauty sections and you won't believe
what I found in there...

A Adidas Christmas gift pack...probably the only one left in the store...the price was kinda scratched so Greg went to scan it for the price. Can you believe it rang up for only 2 cents!! Yep that's right I paid only 2 cents for this gift set!! I did not even use a coupon..It was definitely the deal of the day!

Here are a couple other deals I picked up..

Suave Deo was on sale for .97 + .50/1 coupon = .47 cents

Pull Ups Wipes $1.67 + $1/1 = .67 cents

Wisk Laundry Soap $4.97 + $3/1 =  $1.97

2 Captn Crunch cereal $1 + $1/2 = I bought two so it was B1G1 Free

We also got some London Broil on sale that my sweet hubby grilled for dinner last night! We got some corn on the cob but Food Lion has a much better deal this week..they have it on sale for 6 for $1!!  I know what we will be eatting this weekend, grilled corn is yummy!!

So...on the way out the door guess who stops us...none other that Uncle Yammy himself from Uncle Yammy's Ribs across the street! He and his wife have just started selling their new BBQ sauce and he bought us a bottle to try! How cool is that? We grilled our London Broil with it and it was amazing!!
You have got to get some!!  Sweet and Savory with a kick!

Just hanging out with the kids tonight...Very excited the Greg is off this weekend!! Thinking about going camping, the kids would love it!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Couponing is more than a hobby for me..

Couponing is more than a hobby to me becasue I look at it as the way I can contribute to the money
needed by our family. I have Rhuematoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, I am unable to hold down a full time job but over the years I have learned that there are ways that I can be helpful without actually have a job. Do you know what RA is..Here is some info so you can better understand me or someone you know who has RA..

First let's discuss exactly what RA is.  Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease.  What that means is that my body's immune system overacts and thinks that my joints are enemy cells, and attacks them.  This causes a whole bunch of not-fun symptoms including, but not limited to, bilateral stiffness, joint pain, migratory pain, swelling, redness/hotness of the joints, chronic fatigue, fevers, soreness, rashes, bruising of the joints, muscle pain, loss of mobility (ex: grasping a fork, combing hair, holding a cup, etc.), loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, anemia, cold and/or sweaty hands and feet, sensitivity to cold, etc.  On top of that add the side effects of many of the medications prescribed to treat RA: nausea, vomiting, heartburn, hair loss, weight gain, dramatic weight loss, moon face, mouth sores, migraines, increased vulnerability to illness, and too many more to list.
RA is a disease with no cure.
Rheumatoid Arthitis comes with "flares" and "remissions".  When I'm hurting, I'm "flaring".  When I feel okay I'm in "remission".  Flares can be brought on for no good reason at all.  But sometimes they do have a cause, such as changes in the weather, over-doing it, cold weather, and stress.
I know what you're thinking, "man she's so young to have this."  Wrong!  Most people with RA are diagnosed in their 20's.  In fact, there are some kids with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis that were diagnosed at just months old.
Needless to say all of this affects my life pretty dramatically.  Sometimes I have to cancel on fun stuff to stay home in bed because the pain is too bad or I'm too fatigued.  At one point the fatigue was so bad that I couldn't take a shower without needing a nap. 
Does this mean I can't go out and have fun?  Absolutely not.  In fact, normally if I feel well enough to go out, I make sure I have the best time possible since I can't always go out. 
There are some things that are different between me and a healthy 30 year old.  For instance, I walk a bit slower than most.   I prefer a more laid-back life.  A more "stop and smell the roses" kind of fun.  As Lily Tomlin said, "For fast-acting relief, slow down."
Does having RA make me less of a person?  NO!! In fact, the pain & struggle does nothing but make me STRONGER.  I am constantly surprised at the stuff life throws at me that I end up surviving!
Hope this helps those of you that aren't familiar with the disease.  Below are some more facts and some other websites that you can check if you'd like to read more about RA.  I particularly suggest the "spoon theory" if you really want to have an impression of what it's like to live with a chronic disease.  And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!  I'm very open & upfront about RA, and I have no trouble answering questions, no matter how trivial they may seem.

Seven Facts of Rheumatoid Arthritis That You May Not Know:
1.)  RA affects 1% of the population and is three times more common in women than in men.
2.)  One of most common reactions I get after telling someone that I have RA is, "You're so young to get that."  This is really just a good testament to the average person's ignorance to the disease.  RA normally affects people aged 20-50, but in cases of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis it can affect babies only months old.
3.)  In addition to affecting the joints, rheumatoid arthritis may occasionally affect the skin, eyes, lungs, heart, blood, nerves or kidneys.
4.)  Unlike "old people's arthritis" (or osteoarthritis), rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease.  Osteoarthritis normally stays content attacking only the joints that have worn away, where rheumatoid arthritis will cause not only bilateral stiffness*, joint pain*, migratory pain*, swelling*, redness/hotness of the joints*, fatigue*, fevers*, soreness*,  rashes, bruising of the joints*, muscle pain*, loss of mobility (ex: grasping a fork, combing hair, etc.)*, loss of appetite*, depression*, anxiety*, anemia, cold and/or sweaty hands and feet*, & sensitivity to cold*.  On top of that add the side effects of many of our medications: nausea*, vomiting, heartburn*, hairloss*, weight gain*, moon face*, mouth sores*,  migraines, vulnerability to illness*, and too many more to list.
[*'s indicate symptoms I've encountered]
5.)  About one-fifth of people with RA develop nodules which are lumps of tissue under the skin (normally near the elbows). 
6.)  A symptom that differentiates RA from other forms of arthritis in diagnosis is symmetrical pain.  This means that if the left wrist hurts, the right wrist probably hurts too.  This is a strong indicator of RA.
7.)  Doctors look for many different things to diagnose a person with RA.  One major clue is the "RA Factor".  This is a genetic marker called HLA-DR4, which is a marker that plays a significant role in helping the body distinguish between its own cells & foreign invaders. This isn't a fool-proof way of diagnosing RA, considering that 20% of the 2.1 million people with RA do not have the "RA Factor" in their blood (like me).
Some other resources you might try:
http://www.arthritis.org/ The Arthritis Foundation puts on annual events, you can enlist with your local chapter & get information on local support groups, volunteering events, magazines, and tons more.  It's a great resource & fantastic charity.
http://butyoudontlooksick.com/spoons.htm "The Spoon Theory" is a popular site among RA Sufferers online.  I've found that by sharing "The Spoon Theory" with friends, family, etc. they understand my RA better.  The lady in the story has lupus, but RA has very similar symptoms.  The Spoon Lady (as she is lovingly referred to) also has merchandise such as "Arthritis Sucks" t-shirts, mugs, hats, and also has alot of links to information.  
http://groups.myspace.com/SufferingWithRA If you're a member of http://www.myspace.com/, you are more than welcome to join the Rheumatoid Arthritis online message board group.  This is a great place to talk about things and get feedback from many different members that also suffer from RA.

I hope this info is helpful to you and I am always up for questions to help you!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Freebies for the week!

Target and Walmart have awesome freebies every week. Here are all the free items for the week of 5/22-5/28:

Here are the freebies this week at Target!

Aquafresh Kids Training toothbrush – $1.99
$1/1 Aquafresh Kids dental training items Target printable
$1/1 Aquafresh Kids toothbrush – 4-17 RP
Final Price = FREE after coupons
Better Oats oatmeal – $1-$1.34
$1/1 Better Oats printable
Final Price = as low as free!
Carefree Acti-Fresh pantiliners (20-22 ct) – $.97
$1/1 Carefree pantiliners – 5-8 SS
Final Price = FREE after coupon
Reach dental floss – $.97
$1/1 Reach floss – 10-10 RP, 4-17 SS
Final Price = FREE after coupon
Similac Sensitive 1 quart formula – $3.86 (on price cut through 7/2)
$5/1 Similac – 4-3 SS
$3/1 Similac – 4-3 SS
Final Price = as low as free after coupon
Up & Up Ibuprofen (24 count) – $.97
$1/1 Up & Up pain reliever Target printable
Final Price = FREE after coupon
To see the rest of the Target Match Up, please visit Melissa’s Bargain Blog! Thanks Melissa!

Here are the freebies from Walmart:

Carefree Pantiliners $.94 
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 5/8 SS
Final cost FREE + $.06 overage!

Huggies Pull Ups Flushable Wipes (42ct) $1 
Use the $1/1 Huggies Flushable Wipes coupon from the 5/15 SS
Final cost FREE

Wilkinson Sword Razors (4pk) $1.97 
Use the $2/1 on Coupons.com (zip 90210 as needed)
Final cost FREE + overage

Dial Travel Size Lotion $.97 
Use the $1/1 coupon here (Facebook)
Final cost FREE + overage

Just my Size Sportswear (on clearance as low as $3) 
Use the $5/1 Just my Size Sportswear coupon from the May All You Mag
Final cost FREE + OVERAGE!

Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste (trial Size) $.97 
Use  the $1/1 Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste from the 4/10 RP
Final Cost FREE + $.03 overage
Maruchan Yakisoba $.48 
Use the $0.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba from the 3/13 SS (Expires 5/31)
Final Cost FREE + $0.02 overage
Arm & Hammer 8oz Baking Soda $.48 
Use the $1/2 Arm & Hammer Product coupon from the 4/10 SS
Final cost FREE + $.04 overage

Similac Ready to Feed, Organic, and Soy $3.84 
Use the $5/1 Similac Product coupon from the 4/3 SS (Expires 5/31)
Final cost FREE + $1.16 in overage

Reach Floss $0.97 
Use the $1/1 Select Listerine or Reach Products coupon from the 4/17 SS
Final cost FREE + $.03 overage
Ivory 3-Bar Soap $0.97 
Use the $1/1 Ivory bar coupon from the 5/1 PG (Expires 5/31)
Final cost FREE + $.03 overage
Noxema Bikini Razors $1.97 
Use $2/1 Noxema Razor coupon  from the 5/1 SS
Final cost FREE + $.03 overage
Advil (Travel Section) $0.97 
Use the $1/1 Any Advil coupon from the May 2011 All You mag
Final cost FREE + $.03 overage
Black Flag Fly Paper  $0.98 
Use the $1/1 Black Flag Product coupon from the 4/10 RP
Final cost FREE + $.02 overage
Black Flag Fly Swatter $.98 
Use the $1/1 Black Flag Product coupon from the 4/10 RP
Final cost FREE + $.02 overage
Thanks to FFF for the deals!! You Rock!!

I love Target coupons!!

Do you realize the actual value of a Target coupon??
If you take a manufacturers coupon and match it with a Target coupon then Target will let you stack
them together for even more savings!! I love Target shopping..check out what I got there today!

Alright after matching up my coupons, I went shopping this morning at Target and I got:

10 Suave Women's Body Wash- They were on sale for $1.59 and I had a B1G1 coupon! (News and Observer- yesterday)

2 Right Guard Men's Body Wash - Another B1G1 coupon!

2 Insect Repellents for the Garden, B1G1 coupon (News and Observer)

2 Wonka Chocolate bars (not shown cause they were chillin' in the fridge) B1G1 (News and Observer)

1 Colgate toothpaste

1 Colgate toothbrush with free toothpaste mini

Gushers, Quaker Soft Granola and Fruit by the Foot

3 Lip glosses, 2 nail polish, and 1 eyeshadow set

Oh and a case of Mountain Dew for the Hubs :)

The total was $88.98 and I only paid $33.94!!

It certainly pays to stack those Target coupons...You can print coupons off of their website and they also print off at the register now..they got new registers in Goldsboro last night! :)

I wanna hear about your coupon victory...Please share with me also!
Remember to keep all our kids in your prayers as EOGs start tomorrow! I can hardly believe that
this school year is also over...it is amazing!! Gotta start planning some fun stuff for summer.

Summer? It seems like yesterday was Christmas. Happy Monday all!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A lesson on Rainchecks

I used my first raincheck tonight..It felt great!! Ahhh Haaahaaaaa! :)  Okay seriously, it was really
cool to get a sale that the store had over two weeks ago!!
So, I had an awesome coupon for RightGuard Body Wash B1G1 (actually several coupons) and Walgreens had a deal a couple weeks ago for RightGuard Body Wash B1G1...and we know what happens when you match a Buy one get one Free coupon with a B1G1 sale...It it FREE!!
Well, walgreens ran out of the bodywash early in the sale week...all you have to do it is ask for a
raincheck and the sale is good for a year!
Tonight, I finally found the bodywash at walgreens and I was able to use my raincheck and coupons to get the B1G1 sale!!
I was really excited...Each body wash was $4.99 a piece and I bought four...I only paid tax!!
I should have paid $21.61 and I paid only .77 cents!!

When I got back into the car even our oldest Shane was impressed :)
 In the beginning of this coupon mania, I was feeling bad like I was ripping off the stores but in reality they are making more money when I use coupons!! The stores get reimbursed for the face value of the coupon plus 8 cents for every coupon I use so, we all win!!
Please check Savings Savvy on Facebook! Have a great weekend all!! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just an average day as a Couponista

Just thought I would take advantage of a laundry coupon I found for Rite-Aid and found some
other amazing deals..
You ready..You can do it too!!

Rite-Aid has their Purex Laundry soap on sale for only $1.97..if you match that sale with
the $1/1 coupon from the News and Observer a couple weeks ago than it is only .97 cents each!!
I had bought four papers so I had four coupons...I got 4 Purex laundry soaps for only..$3.88 
When they began as $5.99 a piece!!
While I was there I saw that they had Sure Deo for only $1.49 and if you use the coupon from
this last weeks paper of $1/1 for Sure than it is only .49 cents! So I got 5 of them!!
All together it should have costed me $36.41 and I paid only $6.33!!

Mom and Holly graciously when with me even though they know I take forever when I am
coupon shopping but I did pretty good today :) They even got a free drink for the ride... There
was a coupon in last weeks News and Observer for a FREE strawberry lemonade at McDonalds (I had three coupons)!

Then we stopped at Walgreens..I had a plan going in that I needed coffee so here is how I got some
cheap coffee..

I purchased a Gillette ProGlide Razor for $9.98 with a coupon for $4/1 and it ended up being
$5.98...when I completed my purchase the cash register gave a Register Reward of $5 so in reality
I only spend .98 on the razor! Then Walgreens has a container of Maxwell House coffee on sale for
$2.79...I got two and used my $5 register reward and only paid .69 cents!!

One last stop at Walmart where I got my Favorite John Frieda shampoo which is orginally $4.47 a piece and I had two $3/1 coupons so I got both the Shampoo and conditioner for only $3.00!!

I loved my savings today and the time I got to spend with my mom and sister!
Sooo I was thinking about having a contest... anyone want some coupons from Saving Savvy??
The eleventh person to share this post and then comment on this post to show me where you shared it will WIN fifty coupons!!  GO!! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Triple Coupons at Harris Tetter!!

Whew what a day!! It was an awesome one but definitely exhausted and hurting all over!!

I had the pleasure of going shopping with three wonderful ladies this morning...My mom, my sister Holly and my Mincie :)  We started out our morning in Wilson having a fab breakfast at Cracker Barrel..breakfast for four ladies...leaving with our tummies full for only....$2.71!! Yep, thats right, we will never tell our secret though ;)
With our tummies full (You NEVER go grocery shopping on an empty stomach) we were on our way to Harris Tetter for a TRIPLE coupons shopping trip!! We were very wise and planned out our shopping the day before....very important when using coupons!!

Okay here is the list I used for Triple coupon week...It was a huge help!! Some of these coupons can be printed if you do not have them..just look for the printable signs!

The list was made with help from the girls at :   www.OurCouponHome.com 

HT will triple  coupons up to $.98. Max 20 coupons per day per household!  Please be sure to look at sizes of products on coupons as it is very important to use the correct coupon on the correct product. 

RP=Red Plum Insert
SS=Smart Source Insert

Format as always:
Product, Sale Price, Coupon Used = Final Price


*Always Thin Liners, 20 ct., $1.39, Use -$.75/1 from P&G Home Mailer = FREE

*Athenos Greek Yogurt, $1 (if price holds), Use -$.75/2 Printable = FREE

*Biltmore Dressing, 16 oz, $1.99 (if price holds), Use $.75/1 from 4/17 SS = FREE

*Breyer’s YoCrunch Yogurt 4 pk., $2 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 from 4/3 SS = FREE

*Cheerios Cinnaburst, $2 (if price holds), Use -75/1 4/17 SS = FREE

*Colgate Toothpaste 6oz, $1.44 (if price holds), Use -75/1 5/1 SS = FREE

*Colgate Toothbrush, $1.44 (if price holds), Use -75/1 5/1 SS = FREE

*Colgate Wisp, $1.39, Use -$.50/1 Printable = FREE

*Dannon Greek Yogurt, 5.3 oz cups, $1.19, Use -$0.50/1 from 4/17 SS Insert = FREE

*Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, 4.5 oz, $1.45, Use -$.75/1 Printable -- OR -$.50/1 from 3/13 SS OR Printable = FREE

*French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce, $1.99, Use -$.75/1 5/15 SS or 3/13 SS =FREE

*French’s Spicy Brown Mustard, 12 oz, $1.29, Use -$.50/1 from 4/10 SS OR Printable OR -$.75/1 from 5/15 SS = FREE

*French's Worstershire Sauce, $1.00 (if price holds), Use 50/1 3/27 SS OR Printables = FREE

*Halls Cough Drops, 30 ct., $1.99, Use -$.75/1 from 3/27 SS = FREE

*Hormel Compleats, $2, Use -75/1 Printable = FREE

*Hormel Compleats Kid’s Microwave Meals, 7 oz, $1.67 (if price holds), Use -75/1 Printable = FREE

*Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, 4 oz, $.59 (if price holds), Use -$.75/3 Printable = FREE

*Ken’s Dressings 8-9 oz, $1 (if price holds), Use -$1/1 from 5/8 SS = FREE

*Kozy Shack Creme Caramel Flan, 8 oz, $1.85, Use -$.75/1 from 1/23 SS = FREE

*Kraft Barbeque Sauce, 18 oz, $1.55, Use -$.45/1 from 5/1 SS = FREE

*Land O Lakes Half & Half, $1.89 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 Printable = FREE

*Margaret Homes Canned Veggies, $.95, Use -35/1 5/8 SS = FREE

*Mahatma or Water Maid Rice, $1 or $1.59 , Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 RP Insert = FREE or $.09

*McCormick Marinade or Grill Mates, 67¢-$1.49 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 from 4/10 RP = FREE

*Nabisco Nilla Wafers, 12 oz, $1.99 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 from Kraft Food & Family booklet = FREE

*Nescafe Tasters Choice, 6 pk., $1.39, Use -$.65/1 Printable = FREE

*Oral-B Toothbrush 1 ct., 99¢ (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 from Because of You P&G Mailer = FREE

*Spray ‘n Wash Laundry Stain Remover with Resolve Power, 12 oz, $1.67 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 Printable = FREE

*Summer’s Eve Douche, 9 oz, $2.09 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 Printable = FREE

*Sunsweet Ones Gold Label Prunes 7 oz, $1.99 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 Printable = FREE

*Starkist Tuna Pouch, 2.6 oz, $1.67, Use -$.75/1 Printable = FREE

*Starkist Yellowfin Tuna, 2.6 oz, $2.19, Use -$.75/1 Printable = FREE

*Tetley Tea, $1.19 (if price holds), Use -$.50/1 Printable = FREE

*Tide To Go Sink Packs, 3 ct., $1, Use -$.75/1 from Because of You Home Mailer = FREE

*Tylenol Precise Heat Patch 4 ct., $4.99 (if price holds), Use -$5/1 from 5/8 SS OR Printable = FREE

*Uncle Bens Whole Grain White Rice, $2.25, Use -75/1 Printable = FREE

*Various McCormick Spices, $1.99, Use -75/1 4/10 RP = FREE

*VitaminWater 20 oz, $1 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 Tearpad = FREE

*Wasa Crackers, $2 (if price holds), Use -75/1 Printable = FREE

*Wet Ones Wipes, 15 ct., $1.50, Use -$.75/1 Printable = FREE


*Pepperidge Farm Cookies, 5 oz, $1.74 (if price holds), Use -$.55/1 Peelie on package = $.09

*Rhodes Warm & Serve Rolls, $2.39, Use -75/1 5/1 RP = $.14

*Resolve Laundry Pre-Treat Product, $1.67 (if price holds), Use -$0.50/1 from 5/8 SS Insert = $.17

*Baileys Non-Alcoholic Coffee Creamer 16 oz, $1.67 (if price holds), Use -$.50/1 Printable = $.17

*French's French Fried Onions, $2.45, Use -75/1 4/10 SS = $.20

*Totinos Rolls Snacks,$1 (if price holds) , Use -$0.40/2 from 4/17 SS Insert = $.40

*Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls, $1 (if price holds), Use -$0.40/2 from 4/17 SS Insert  OR 3/13 SS Insert = $.20 each

*International Coffee Creamer Breve, $1.87, Use -55/1 Vocalpoint Mailer = $.22

*Ortega Seasoning, $.99, Use -$.50/2 4/17 SS =$.24 each

*Gillette Shaving Cream 11 oz, $1.89 (if price holds), Use -$.55/1 from 5/1 P&G = $.24

*Butterball Fully Cooked Turkey Sausage or Bacon 10 oz, $2.50 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 from 4/3 SS = $.25

*Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce 28 oz, $2.50 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 from 5/8 SS = $.25

*Odwalla Juice or Bar, $1.33, Use -$0.35/1 from All You Apr 2011 = $.28

*Ball Park Buns 8 ct, $1.99 (if price holds), Use -$.55/1 from 5/1 RP = $.34

*Colgate Toothpaste, 4 oz+, $1.44 (BOGO if sale holds), Use -$.35/1 from 5/1 SS = $.39

*Quaker Rice Snacks, $1.25 (if price holds), Use -$.55/2 from 5/1 Moments to Save = $.43

*OralB Satin Glide Floss, $2.69 (if price holds), Use -75/1 5/1 PG = $.44

*Mentos Gum, $1.50, Use $.35 3/20 SS =$.45

*Zatarains Rice, $1.59, Use -$.75/2 4/17 RP = $.47

*Tabasco Product, $1.99, Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 RP Insert = $.49

*Yoplait Yogurt Singles, $.69, Use -$.40/6 Printable = $.49 each

*Chex Mix, $2.00, Use -$.50/1 Printable = $.50

*Stovetop Stuffing, $2 , Use -$0.50/1 Printable = $.50

*Duncan Hines Brownies, $2.00, Use $.50/1 4/10 SS or this 50/1 Printable =$.50

*Clear Eyes, $2.79, Use -75/1 Printable = $.54

*French's Classic Yellow Mustard, $1.59, Use -$0.35/1 from 4/10 SS Insert = $.54

*Wacky Mac, $1.75, Use -$0.40/1 from 5/8 SS Insert = $.55

*Swanson Can Chicken, $1.79 (if price holds), Use $.75/2 3/13 SS = $.67 each

*Fleischmann's Fleishman Pizza Yeast, $1.99, Use -$.55/1 from 3/13 SS = $.69

*Coles Garlic Bread, $2.19 , Use -$0.50/1 Printable = $.69

*Glade Odor Eliminator - Carpet & Room, $2.19 (if price holds), Use -$.50/1 Printable = $.69

*Ban Deodorant, $2.99, Use -75/1 4/17 SS  = $.74

*Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough, $2.99, Use -75/1 4/10 SS = $.74

*Ban Deodorant Solid, $2.99, Use -$.75/1 from  4/17 SS = $.74

*Palmolive Soft Touch Dish Soap, $2.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 5/1 SS = $.74

*Bare By Solo Plates, $2.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 4/17 SS = $.74

*Huggies Baby Wipes, $2.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 from Home Mailer = $.74

*Old Orchard Juice, $2.99, Use -75/1 Printable = $.74

*V8 Vegetable Juice, $2.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 5/15 SS = $.74

*PJ's Organic Burrito, $2.99, Use -75/1 Printable = $.74

*Snuggle Fabric Softener Sheets 80 ct., $2.99 (if price holds), Use -$.75/1 from 4.10 RP = $.74

*Keebler Pie Crusts, $1.50,  Use -$.50/2 4/10 RP =$.75 each

*Hartz Crunch n’ Clean Cat Treats 3 oz+, $2.27 (if price holds), Use -$0.50/1 Printable = $.77

*Wish-Bone Dressings or Salad Spritzers Dressings, $2, Use -$0.40/1 Printable = $.80

*Little Debbie Cloud Cakes, $3.09, Use -$.75/1 Printable = $.84

*Dawn, $1.69, Use -$0.25/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $.84

*Assorted Big G Cereals, $2.50 (If sale holds), Use -$.55/1 Printable OR Printable= $.85

*Febreze Air Effects, $3.29 , Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $.89

*Dixie Crystals Product, 1 lb Box, $1.99, Use -$.35/1 Printable = $.94

*Special K Crackers, $2.49, Use $.50 4/10 RP = $.99


*Always Pad, Clean or Cleansing Cloth, $2.50 (if price holds), Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $1

*Always Pantiliners 34 ct+, $2.50 (if price holds), Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $1

*Band aid bandages,$2.50 (if price holds),  Use -$.50/1 4/17 SS =$1

*Irish Spring Deodorant,$2.50 , Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 SS Insert = $1

*Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant or Deodorant, $2.50 (if price holds), Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 SS Insert = $1

*Bestlife Buttery Spread, Spray, or Baking Sticks, $2.59 , Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 SS Insert = $1.09

*Luigi's Real Italian Ice Product, $3.49 , Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 RP Insert = $1.09

*Kozy Shack Pudding, $3.29, Use -$0.40/1 from 3/6 SS Insert =$1.09

*Hamburger Helper, $1.85, Use -$.75/3 Printable = $1.10 each

*Murphy Oil Soap, 2.65, Use -$.50/1 Printable = $1.15

*Bagelfuls, $2.85, Use -$.55/1 Printable = $1.20

*Planters Nutrition, $3.49, Use $.75/1 from 3/13 SS or 5/15 SS =$1.24

*Domino Sugar 5lbs, $2.99 (if price holds), Use -$.75/2 from 3/27 V = $1.24 each

*OralB Floss Picks, $3.49 (if price holds), Use -75/1 5/1 PG = $1.24

*Nature Valley Granola Thins, $3.49, Use -75/1 4/17 SS  = $1.24

*Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Bowl, $2.89, Use $.55/1 3/6 RP=$1.24

*Bounty Towels or Napkins, $1.99, Use -$0.25/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $1.24

*Jolly Time Microwave Pop Corn, $2.79, Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 SS Insert = $1.29

*New York Brand Frozen Products,$2.50 (if price holds), Use -$0.40/1 from 3/6 SS Insert = $1.30

*Birds Eye Steamfresh Lightly Sauced Variety, $2.55, Use -$.35/1 Printable = $1.35

*Green Giant Frozen Bagged Vegetables, 19-24 oz, $2.55, Use -$0.40/1 from 4/17 SS Insert = $1.35

*Country Crock Butter, $2.59, Use -$0.40/1 Printable = $1.39

*Reddi-wip Product, $2.50, Use -$0.35/1 from 4/10 SS Insert = $1.45

*Eggland's Best Eggs, $2.50, Use -$0.35/1 from SS Insert OR 1/30 SS= $1.45

*Fixodent Adhesive or Fixodent Cleanser, $2.99, Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $1.49

*Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie or Dessert Bar Mix, $2.99 , Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 SS Insert = $1.49

*Herbal Essences or Aussie Product, $2.99 (if price holds), Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $1.49

*Capn Crunch Cereal, $3.00, Use $.50/1 4/17 RP =$1.50

*New York Texas Toast, $3.00, Use $.50/1 from 3/6 SS = $1.50

*Almond Breeze Almond Milk, $3.19 (If price holds), Use $.55/1 blinkie = $1.54

*Irish Spring Bodywash, $3.99, Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 SS Insert = $1.59

*Cookie Crisp Cereal, $3.85, Use -$.75/1 Printable OR Printable = $1.60

*Schick Hydro Shave Gel, $3.89, Use -75/1 4/17 SS  = $1.64

*Comet Spray or Comet Soft Cleanser, $2.69, Use -$0.35/1 from SS Insert = $1.64

*Blue Bunny Ice Cream, 56 oz, $3.29 (If price holds), Use -$.55/1 Printable = $1.64

*4C Powder Drink Mix 24 ct, $2.69 (if price holds), Use $1/1 Peelie found on package = $1.69

*Smart Balance Milk, $3.99, Use -75/1 5/8 SS = $1.74

*Welch's Grape Juice 64oz, $3.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 4/17 SS = $1.74

*Scope Mouthwash, $3.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 4/17 SS = $1.74

*Jolly Time Pop Corn Poly Bag or Jar of Kernals, $2.79, Use -$.35/1 Printable = $1.74

*Thai Kitchen Curry Paste, $3.99, Use -75/1 Printable = $1.74

*Solo Plates, $3.99, Use -$.75/1 Printable = $1.74

*Pampers Wipes, $3.29, Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $1.79

*Febreze Set & Refresh, $3.39, Use -$0.50/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $1.89

*Sara Lee Pound Cake, $4.15, Use $.75/1 4/17 RP = $1.90

*Johnny Cat Liner Bags or Johnny Cat Litter, $3.19, Use -$0.40/1 from 4/17 SS Insert = $1.99

*Magic Eraser, $3.55, Use 50/1 from 5/1 PG, $2.05

*Excedrin 20ct, $4.49, Use -$.75/1 from 4/17 SS#2 = $2.24

*Crest Rinse, $4.49 (if price holds), Use -75/1 5/1 PG = $2.24

*Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread or Bagels, $3.29, Use -$0.35/1 from 4/10 SS Insert = $2.24

*Palmolive Dish Liquid, 20 oz+, $2.99, Use -$0.25/1 from 5/1 SS Insert OR Printable OR Printable = $2.24

*Pam Cooking Spray, $3.39, Use -$0.35/1 from 4/3 SS Insert = $2.34

*Blue Diamond Almonds, $3.55, Use $.75/2 from 1/23 SS = $2.43

*Shout Laundry Product, $3.69, Use -$0.40/1 Peelie = $2.49

*Bob Evans Sausage Links or Patties, $3.99, Use -$0.50/1 Printable = $2.49

*Fiber One Chewy Bars or 90 Calorie Bars, $3.69, Use -$0.40/1 from 4/3 SS Insert = $2.49

*Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel, $4.75, Use -$.75/1 Printable = $2.50

*Starbucks Ice Cream, $4.99, Use -75/1 Printable = $2.74

*Welch's Grape Juice 6pk, $4.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 4/17 SS = $2.74

*Maxwell Coffee Vacuum Bag, $4.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 4/17 SS = $2.74

*Bridgeford Monkey Bread, $4.39, Use -$.55/1 Printable = $2.74

*Charmin, $3.50, Use -$0.25/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $2.75

*Sugar In The Raw (excluding 25 pack),$4.25 , Use -$.40/1 Printable = $3.05

*Gain Fabric Softener or Sheets, $4.39, Use -$0.35/1 from RP Insert = $3.34

*Cascade, $4.29, Use -$0.25/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $3.54

*Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil 23oz, $5.99 (if price holds) Use $.75/1 4/17 RP =$3.74

*Efferdent, $5.99, Use -$.75/1 Printable = $3.74

*Downy Liquid Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets, $4.89, Use -$0.25/1 from 5/1 P&G Insert = $4.14

*Glad Trash Bags, $7.99 (if price holds), Use -75/1 from 5/1 PG = $5.74   

I am tired just looking at it all but it was SOOO WORTH IT!!  My final bill came up to $136.42 and I only paid $49.00!!  I did go over a little and bought a couple things not on my list but I could not miss the Pepsi deal that they had..If you buy 2 - 12pkg of Pepsi products than you get 3 FREE!

I really hope that you can use this list on your trip to Harris Tetter, remember the triple coupons are only this week!! Well, it is bedtime for bonzos here...Have a great week!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whew..saving money makes me tired!!

What a haul...went to Walmart and Food Lion today..my body is yelling at me at the moment! My RA won't allow for shopping trips like this very often but I am so glad that I can say I accomplished something today!
Alright..I started out at Walmart this morning with my hubby tagging along..poor guy I know he was bored but he was a trooper and went with me just to spend time with me before work! You are the best Greg! ;)  I think he goes just to play the "how much did I spend" guessing game we play when I get into the van..He is always amazed and happy that I am saving "him" money.

Walmart was definitely my best savings of the day...I got 5 bottles off Nivea women's body wash, 4 (3packs) of Ivory soap, Cat food, a new coupon binder :), 10 packages of Kraft Shredded cheese, 10 packages of Philly cooking creme, 2 kitty treats, 2 frozen pizzas, 2 containers of ziploc bags, and a container of fabric softener...My total was $140 and I paid only $60! In fact, the store owed me from the overages of my coupons and I got my new coupon binder and cat food for FREE!!
The store manager had to come over and sign off on my order because I used more coupons than the register would allow!! I love it!! :)

Then I went to Food Lion..keep in mind, I did grocery shopping today that will last us three weeks!
The total at Food Lion was $255 and I only paid $129!! I had a wonderful visit at Food Lion thanks to my favorite Food Lion guys...Anthony and Donald! They always look out for me!! Thanks guys..you are awesome!
So now I am tired but pleased with how much I saved and how little I spent! Looking forward to the Bridge tonight and being with God's people...There is nothing like it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May's first shopping trip!

Wow..It is May already..it seems like yesterday the kids were just starting the school year and it is almost over..summer here we come!
So, on my first shopping trip of May I saved BIG!!  I could hardly wait to get home to tell you!

Okay I started at Walgreens this morning... If you got the News and Observer this past Sunday (5/1/11) than you recieved four sections of coupons (I am still going through mine!)
One of the coupons was for Right Guard Body Wash BOGO and Walgreens had the same bodywash
on sale BOGO so when you stack a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale..than it is FREE!! You only have to pay the tax!
Each Bodywash was $4.49 a piece and then they also had a $1 off coupon on each one!!
I had four coupons (I got 4 N&O), so I got 8 bodywashes and only paid for the tax!!
I should have paid $41.31 and I paid only $1.88!

Then I had to pick up some medicine at Walmart so I took my coupon book along to see if I could find any deals :)
Here is what I found:

Scott Bath Tissues (4pack) was $2.68 with $1/1 coupon (coupons.com) = $1.68

Purex Laundry Soap was $2.97 with $1/1 coupon (N&O) = $1.97

Nivea Men's Body Wash was $3 a piece, I got 3 with $3/1 coupons (N&O) = 3 for FREE

Ivory Soap (3pack) was .97 cents with $1/1 off coupon (N&O), I got 4 with 4 coupons = .12 cents
 paid to me!

Twin pack of Lysol wipes was $2.47 with $1/2 coupon (N&O) = 2 for $1.47

Reach Toothbrush was $1.50 with $1.50/1 coupon (N&O) = FREE

Febreeze was $2.66 with $1/1 coupon (coupons.com) = $1.66

Heniz ketchup was $1.98 with $2/1 coupon (coupons.com) = .02 paid to me!!

My total was $35.88 and I paid only $15.74 for all including syrup, eggs, and Pepsi all retail!!

Tomorrow I do my grocery shopping for the week, if anyone is interested in tagging along you are more than welcome!
I really hope that these posted help others save money for their families also...please please feel free to ask questions..I had four ladies stop me in Walmart to ask about coupons, I love it!!

Well now on to homework and kids home soon! Have a great day everyone!!