Sunday, August 15, 2010

Raising kids to stand for Christ!

My sister Holly and I went to a seminar, it was titled ” Empowering parents for student success”. We had a wonderful speaker that spoke on the importance of teaching our children that they do not have to be cool to be somebody in this world. He also told us that our children are looking for heroes, someone to look up to, if we do not give them those heroes they will find them somewhere else. They might find them on TV, the Internet or among their friends. As the speaker was giving us his speech I could not help but think about how important it is to point our children to the only hero they will ever need, Jesus Christ. When we teach our children to lean on the everlasting arms they will look to our hero for the answers they need in life. I truly believe that if a child grows up with the Lord they will always come back to him. I come from a long line of Christian parents, each have shown their children how to step out for Christ and it has carried on from generation to generation. I am blessed to have a Christian family.

I once heard a song that goes ” I’m not cool and that’s okay my God loves me anyway, I’m not cool but thats all right I’m still precious in his sight”. This song spoke volumes to me. It not only gave me a different perspective on how my children where dealing with all the issues of fitting in as I did as a child, but also gives hope and a strong sense of belonging when someone would love us that much! He loves us no matter who we are or what we do in life. In this world of heartaches and broken promises it is wonderful to know that we do have a hero that loves us unconditionally…even those of us who are uncool !

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