Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Savings Savvy

Yep that's right, Savings Savvy is not only the group I have on facebook but something I am becoming, a little more each day! I would love to share with you how to get some fabulous savings with just a little bit of your time.
I know several of you heard about my shopping trip yesterday...which was amazing!! I think the sales ladies thought I was nuts in the stores I went into because I got so excited! :)

Here is the picture of what I bought yesterday....let's get right to it!

First, you should know that it is sooo important for you to get a newspaper from the News and Observer of Raleigh (more than one) because that is where I got most of my coupons! I will tell where I got each coupon as I show you what I bought or didn't buy because it was FREE!

I went to four different stores yesterday but if you make a game plan and only do it once a week, it will save you on gas and if you go with my plan, some of us can carpool! If I got the coupon from the News and Observer (NO), Printed online (P), Store Coupon (S).

Lysol Antibactrial Wipes - On Sale for $1.89 with $1.50 off coupon (P from facebook Lysol page)
= 49 cents (I printed two coupons so I was able to get two at that price)

M&M filled Easter Eggs - On Sale for .99 cents with 2/$2 off coupon (Clipped from AllYou Magazine) = 2 for FREE

Degree Men's Deo - On Sale for $1.97 with 1/$1 off coupon (P) and stacked with a 1/$1 Target coupon(P from their website) = FREE + they had to pay me .06 cents because I bought two.
Target will stack one of their coupons with a manufacter's coupon!!

Hall's Cough Drops - On Sale for $1.19 with  1/$1 off coupon (NO) = 19 cents

This one I LOVE: Nivea Bodywash - On Sale for $3.04 with 1/$3 coupon (NO) = .04 CENTS!!
I had four coupons so I got two men's and two women's bodywash for only .16 cents!

The Total was $27.87 and I paid only $2.67!!

Food Lion:
All Laundry Soap - On sale for $2.99 with MVP card + 1/$1.50 (NO) = $ 1.49

Scott Paper Towels - On Sale for $4.99 with MVP card + 1/$1.50 off (FL coupon) and 1/.75 cents (P)
= 6 rolls of papertowels for only $2.74

The total was $10.97 and I paid $4.23

Capt'n Cruch Cereal - Small box $1.00 + 1/.50 off (NO)= 50 cents (bought two with two coupons) = $1.00 for two boxes

Frigo Cheese Sticks - .33 for one + 1/.50 (P) = They paid me .17 to take out of the store!!

The total was 2.33 and I paid only .83 cents!

Aquafresh toothpaste - on sale 5/$5 + two 1/$1 (NO) = 2 toothpastes for FREE

Then I bought an egg die kit for $1.99 and it gave me a CVS rewards of $1.99 to use on another purchase, so I used it and bought a case of water for $2.22 and only paid .27 cents total!!

Total was $4.99 and I paid only .27 cents!

I started last week around Thursday and when I saw a deal online, I wrote it down so that I could take advantage of them one day all at once. If you get on facebook and in the search engine at the top of the page, type in the word coupon. There will be many coupon ladies that pop up, just "like" those pages and keep an eye on their posts, they will tell you where to get the sale, the coupon and how to make the sale work for you!!

I am really enjoying saving money for my family!! I hope that this has helped you and I am more than willing to answer questions or show you how I do my monthly shopping trip for groceries. ( my last one I spent $285 and I only paid $135!) 

More another time on couponing and how to get those deals!! If you go like my page on facebook called Savings Savvy, I will be posting some deals as I find them!

Happy Saving Everyone!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philipians: 4:13

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