Friday, April 22, 2011

Another very cheap shopping trip!!

Yay! More free stuff, in fact most of this shopping trip was a profit, they paid me!!

This time I only got deals at two stores but it was worth it!

First stop was Target:

Nature Valley granola bars: Found in the dollar section so they were $1 a piece,  coupon was (P) online, .75/1 and one Target coupon $1/1 = 12 cents a piece!

2 packs of skittles (forgot to put into pic): 69 cents each, coupon (P) online .50/1 and Target coupon $1/1 = They paid me .38 cents to take out of the store!!

Nivea Body Lotion : On sale for $4.04 , coupon (P) online $1/1 and Target coupon $1/1 = $2.04

Total was $7.42 and I paid only $1.90 for all if it!!

Then on to Walmart..which my sweet hubby bravely went to with me and two kids (Love you babe!)


Reach Floss: 97 cents a piece, I had two coupons (P) for $1/1 = They paid me 6 cents!

Degree trial size deo: 97 cents, I had two coupons (P) for $1/1 = They paid me 6 cents!

McCormick Taco seasoning packet: 52 cents, coupon (NO) .75/1 = They paid me 23 cents!!

Nexcare Bandaids;  $1.50, coupon (NO) .55/1 = .95 cents

Aquafresh trial size toothpaste: 97 cents, coupon (P) $1/1 = 3 cents to me!

Colgate full size toothpaste: $2.60, coupon (NO) $1/1 =  $1.60

Total for all was $9.37 and I paid $2.17!

I can not stress enough how important it is to get the News and Observer (a couple of them) to get your coupons from because that is where alot of mine come from! Sadly there will not be any coupons in this Sundays paper because of Easter but very happy to celebrate that HE IS RISEN!!
It is also important to watch all the different coupon ladies on facebook, they will tell you where all the deals are...
Try watching these:
The Krazy coupon lady
For the Mommas
Coupon Mom
Passion For Savings
Savings Savvy :)

I also get my coupons from AllYou magazine, they have a monthly magazine you can only purchase at Walmart but it is FULL of coupons every month, it is one of the cheaper magazines too!

OHHH on top of everything that I got at the store, I recieved FREE coffee at Starbucks for Earth Day because I brought in my own cup!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my shopping trip, it was fun! I am more than willing to help anyone who wants to get into this...just let me know :)

Happy Good Friday Everyone!! 

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  1. Thanks for letting me know there is no coupons this week! I would've bought one! I never thought about using the granola coupons on the $1 ones! Good thinking!