Monday, January 28, 2013

It has been forever...

Yes I know it has been quite a while since I have last posted on my blog. I would really like to get back into it and am interested in hearing about what you would like to hear about. I would love to write about my couponing and saving money (and I still will) but most stores have changed so many of their policies because of "extreme couponing" that it is near impossible to get things as cheap as you have seen me do in the past. I am still couponing for groceries and saving us money as much as possible. If you know me than you know I am the bargin queen and can find those clearance racks a mile away...

God is teaching me new things this year. I stayed very busy in 2012 with appts, volunteering, kids, messes, and so on..but God is teaching me to slow down and listen. How can we hear God's voice if we are so busy our heads are spinning. It doesn't matter if the things we are doing are all good things, it can become a distraction from God and his true plan for our lives. In Psalm 46:10 it says, "Be still and know that I am God".  In this world of fast moving, busy people it can be difficult to be still. But being still and listening or even talking to God in the still can make a huge difference in your day, your year, in YOUR LIFE! What is he saying to you in your quiet time?

We are counting down the week we are taking the kids on our first ever (in 10 years) family vacation. We have taken trips with family and such but never just us, we are going for only a few days but I pray it will be a freshing and exciting time for all of us. Only 9 more days....Myrtle Beach here the Modicas come!!

Love sharing some of my heart with you...More to come! :)

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