Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May's first shopping trip!

Wow..It is May seems like yesterday the kids were just starting the school year and it is almost over..summer here we come!
So, on my first shopping trip of May I saved BIG!!  I could hardly wait to get home to tell you!

Okay I started at Walgreens this morning... If you got the News and Observer this past Sunday (5/1/11) than you recieved four sections of coupons (I am still going through mine!)
One of the coupons was for Right Guard Body Wash BOGO and Walgreens had the same bodywash
on sale BOGO so when you stack a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale..than it is FREE!! You only have to pay the tax!
Each Bodywash was $4.49 a piece and then they also had a $1 off coupon on each one!!
I had four coupons (I got 4 N&O), so I got 8 bodywashes and only paid for the tax!!
I should have paid $41.31 and I paid only $1.88!

Then I had to pick up some medicine at Walmart so I took my coupon book along to see if I could find any deals :)
Here is what I found:

Scott Bath Tissues (4pack) was $2.68 with $1/1 coupon ( = $1.68

Purex Laundry Soap was $2.97 with $1/1 coupon (N&O) = $1.97

Nivea Men's Body Wash was $3 a piece, I got 3 with $3/1 coupons (N&O) = 3 for FREE

Ivory Soap (3pack) was .97 cents with $1/1 off coupon (N&O), I got 4 with 4 coupons = .12 cents
 paid to me!

Twin pack of Lysol wipes was $2.47 with $1/2 coupon (N&O) = 2 for $1.47

Reach Toothbrush was $1.50 with $1.50/1 coupon (N&O) = FREE

Febreeze was $2.66 with $1/1 coupon ( = $1.66

Heniz ketchup was $1.98 with $2/1 coupon ( = .02 paid to me!!

My total was $35.88 and I paid only $15.74 for all including syrup, eggs, and Pepsi all retail!!

Tomorrow I do my grocery shopping for the week, if anyone is interested in tagging along you are more than welcome!
I really hope that these posted help others save money for their families also...please please feel free to ask questions..I had four ladies stop me in Walmart to ask about coupons, I love it!!

Well now on to homework and kids home soon! Have a great day everyone!!

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