Tuesday, May 31, 2011

About 30 coupons later...

No one in my family can say they need some DO for their BO...

Walgreens was the place to be this morning, Greg and I were super savers today..It was soo
much fun!! We got 36 Deodorants for only $6 and that was only tax!!

I think the cashier was amazed!! These Deos were $4.49 a piece and I got all of them for $6!!
Remember if you have a B1G1 Free coupon you can match it with a B1G1 Free sale and only pay
tax for both items...Well when you have several of the same coupon..this is what you get! :)
I bought 20 of these coupons on Ebay for $5 so I bought one and got 35 for FREE!!

Leaving excited about our shopping trip, we went on to Food Lion to pick up a few things..
I got to the cash register with a total of $115 and after my MVP card and the coupons I had..
My final bill was an even $38!! Food Lion has really been changing things and making their items
way more affordable! You can check out the new flyer that starts tomorrow at www.foodlion.com

For $38 I got 14 bottles of BBQ sauce, 10 boxes of pasta, 3 jars of pasta sauce, 1 gallon of milk, 6 corn on the cob, 2 large heinz ketchup, 2 containers of bryers ice cream, 4 cans corn, 4 cans green beans, 2 cans of peas, 1 bags of dog food and  3 cans of beefaroni!

I think we had a great day of sales!! I am very excited that I can do this for my family and being able to share with others families that need it!

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