Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Late but worth the read!

Today maybe kinda funky for me but yesterday was definitely worth hearing about!!

Greg and I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up a few things for dinner and oh boy did we
find some amazing things while we were there!!
First thing, I found a hidden clearance section in Health/Beauty sections and you won't believe
what I found in there...

A Adidas Christmas gift pack...probably the only one left in the store...the price was kinda scratched so Greg went to scan it for the price. Can you believe it rang up for only 2 cents!! Yep that's right I paid only 2 cents for this gift set!! I did not even use a coupon..It was definitely the deal of the day!

Here are a couple other deals I picked up..

Suave Deo was on sale for .97 + .50/1 coupon = .47 cents

Pull Ups Wipes $1.67 + $1/1 = .67 cents

Wisk Laundry Soap $4.97 + $3/1 =  $1.97

2 Captn Crunch cereal $1 + $1/2 = I bought two so it was B1G1 Free

We also got some London Broil on sale that my sweet hubby grilled for dinner last night! We got some corn on the cob but Food Lion has a much better deal this week..they have it on sale for 6 for $1!!  I know what we will be eatting this weekend, grilled corn is yummy!!

So...on the way out the door guess who stops us...none other that Uncle Yammy himself from Uncle Yammy's Ribs across the street! He and his wife have just started selling their new BBQ sauce and he bought us a bottle to try! How cool is that? We grilled our London Broil with it and it was amazing!!
You have got to get some!!  Sweet and Savory with a kick!

Just hanging out with the kids tonight...Very excited the Greg is off this weekend!! Thinking about going camping, the kids would love it!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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