Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whew..saving money makes me tired!!

What a haul...went to Walmart and Food Lion body is yelling at me at the moment! My RA won't allow for shopping trips like this very often but I am so glad that I can say I accomplished something today!
Alright..I started out at Walmart this morning with my hubby tagging along..poor guy I know he was bored but he was a trooper and went with me just to spend time with me before work! You are the best Greg! ;)  I think he goes just to play the "how much did I spend" guessing game we play when I get into the van..He is always amazed and happy that I am saving "him" money.

Walmart was definitely my best savings of the day...I got 5 bottles off Nivea women's body wash, 4 (3packs) of Ivory soap, Cat food, a new coupon binder :), 10 packages of Kraft Shredded cheese, 10 packages of Philly cooking creme, 2 kitty treats, 2 frozen pizzas, 2 containers of ziploc bags, and a container of fabric softener...My total was $140 and I paid only $60! In fact, the store owed me from the overages of my coupons and I got my new coupon binder and cat food for FREE!!
The store manager had to come over and sign off on my order because I used more coupons than the register would allow!! I love it!! :)

Then I went to Food Lion..keep in mind, I did grocery shopping today that will last us three weeks!
The total at Food Lion was $255 and I only paid $129!! I had a wonderful visit at Food Lion thanks to my favorite Food Lion guys...Anthony and Donald! They always look out for me!! Thanks are awesome!
So now I am tired but pleased with how much I saved and how little I spent! Looking forward to the Bridge tonight and being with God's people...There is nothing like it!


  1. You are awesome girl! Will you let me know next time you see k-cups on special at Food Lion! I will do the same for you! :) Thanks for the heads-up on all the deals!