Thursday, May 26, 2011

I heart the mart!!

Whew..Walmart did not see me coming this morning but oh boy did I save some money today!!
I was very excited to say the least, after I realized just how low my bill had gotten..You gotta see this!
Okay first here is a picture of the stuff I purchased..

So here is how it went..

6 Wisk Laundry Soap on Sale for .98 + $2/1 = $1.02 money maker on each one!!

4 Wet Ones hand wipes .98 + $1/2 = 2 for $1

4 Care Free Pantyliners + Free coupons = Free!!

7 Pull ups baby wipes $1.67 + $1/1 = .67 each but my overage from the Wisk paid for them so they were free!!

2 Worcestshire sauce $1.36 + $1/1 = .36 each

2 Sweet baby ray's dipping sauce $1.98 +$1/1 = .98 cents each

2 packages of bandaids $1.00 + .50/1 = .50 each

Okay you will not believe the total unless you see it so here I will show you...

Yes You read it right.. My total was $36.34 and after coupons the total was $3.27!!!
Wooo Hooo a victory for this couponista!! Remember most of these coupons can out of the
News and Observer (Raleigh).. I can not stress enough how important it is to get one (or four like me) if you wanna get some of these deals!

After a great day at Walmart...I am very excited to be going to the Bridge tonight!! If you do not have plans or if you do have plans..the Bridge is the place to be!! Come as you are and prepared to be Loved!! The Bridge Church starts at 7pm and is in the same shopping center as Delmas Hardware on Berkley Blvd. I hope to see some new faces there!! 
Have a great Thursday all!!

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